Security and Fund-Raising at Obama’s Rally

A reader sent along this email from a Barack Obama supporter about that huge rally set for tomorrow in Washington Square Park.

It seems that because of the security required for the event, attendees are being encouraged not to bring their own signs, and instead to buy them from an Obama Shop set up on location. Money raised from the Obama gear will go directly to the campaign and is counted as a contribution. Just in time for the upcoming filing period.

Here's the email:

From: Lani Sanjek <>
To: Lani Sanjek <>
Sent: Wed Sep 26 12:03:12 2007
Subject: Obama at rally in Manhattan  tomorrow Thurs., Sept. 27th  – 5 pm

Hi folks,
This is a personal partisan political message from an Obama supporter. He will be at this free public event in Manhattan tomorrow, and I hope you'll join us come rain or whatever:

NYC Rally with Barack Obama
September 27, 2007 (Thursday)
Washington Square Park
Gates open at 5:00 pm
Note:  There will be a security check at entrances, so we're advised to limit personal belongings and sign/banners may be not be admitted (this is all being determined by his federal security detail). There will be accessible areas set up for elderly and disabled.  The campaign folks will be collecting names and contact info.  An Obama SHOP will be selling t-shirts, buttons, etc.  and taking contributions.


Security and Fund-Raising at Obama’s Rally