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CONTACT: Andrew Gause 201-206-8888 (cell)Release Date: 09/03/2007BEST4BERGEN CANDIDATES CALL FREEHOLDERS “REVERSE ROBIN HOODS”HACKENSACK– The Democrat controlled Freeholder board has used

CONTACT: Andrew Gause 201-206-8888 (cell)
Release Date: 09/03/2007
HACKENSACK– The Democrat controlled Freeholder board has used the open space trust fund to steal from the poor and give to the rich. Far from being the party of the working man these people are using pen space funds to benefit the wealthiest families in Bergen County, while leaving children in the more densely populated areas to play in the streets,” said Paul Duggan, Column 2 Freeholder Candidate. A recently released report by Best4Bergen.Org reveals per-capita spending on open space is disproportionably targeted to the least densely populated areas. In Hackensack, the county spent $23.11 per person on open space, while in Old Tappan they spent $276.36 per person, over 10 times as much,” added his Freeholder running mate, Candidate Charles J.X Kahwaty. It is time to bring fairness to bear on the open space question. Before we grant an increase in open space taxes we should develop a formula for spending. Robert Yudin, also a Candidate for Freeholder noted, “As Freeholders, we will reevaluate the wisdom of an open space fund administered by the county. These tax dollars should be divided per capita to the municipalities for dispersal, not to be used as a “big check” photo op by Freeholder incumbents.

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*Other disparities:

Franklin Lakes $245.00 per person
Fort Lee $8.60 per person
Mahwah $384.00 per person
Lyndhurst $22.53 per person
River Vale $435.00 per person
Teaneck $11.89 per person Shortway Kahwaty Yudin Duggan