Sock It To Me, Sabyasachi! Indian Designer Espouses the Sporty

When will we members of the fairer sex be granted reprieve from the platformed weapons-passing-as-shoes lately ubiquitous anywhere within a five-block radius of Bryant Park? Not anytime soon, according to the Gods of Fashion, for these clunkers are still tearing up the runway.

But it’s worth nothing that last Friday, we glimpsed another way, and that way looked … comfortable. Sabyasachi, Calcutta-based designer of billowy, earth-toned pants and floor-length dresses, sent nearly all his models storming down the runway in the same badass black sneakers (to the sounds of the Beastie Boys and Prodigy, no less).

“I’m fascinated by women who have a certain amount of feminine, but also some masculine aggression in them,” he told us, adding that the idea came from two books he was reading: Pablo Coelho’s The Witch of Portobello and Khaleid Hoseeini's The Kite Runner, both of which feature girls who are “spiritual, but also very tough.”

“I’d seen Bend it Like Beckham,” he added. “It’s about Indian girls who are forced to get married but all they want to do is play soccer. So there was some of that sporty element [in the show].”

Sabyasachi commissioned the plain black trainers, he said, from a friend in India who makes them “to sell all over. I told him I wanted them to look like she’s wearing Puma or Nike or Addidas,” he explained.

His show also featured henna tattoos on the models’ forearms and what we could’ve sworn was the Communist flag on the back of several bomber jackets (worn over long, delicate gowns, of course): “We [took] Communist symbols and distorted them,” Sabysachi said. “It wasn’t exact. In many ways, Communism signifies intellectual power, and I wanted to put some iconic logos in my clothes. It has political undertones, but we didn’t do it for political reasons. We did it because we thought it looked good.”

Sabyasachi was helping us grow back some of the brain cells we’ve lost this week. We thanked him.


Sock It To Me, Sabyasachi! Indian Designer Espouses the Sporty