Stender attacks Ferguson on Iraq

Assemblywoman Linda Stender fired off an early volley today in her 2008 rematch against Mike Ferguson for Congress.

Stender used the report on Iraq released this week by General David Petraeus as fuel for her campaign, tying Ferguson to a war largely unpopular in New Jersey.

“I was disappointed to learn that Congressman Ferguson endorsed this new plan, and still refuses to support an endeavor to begin a redeployment of American troops,” said Stender. “New Jersey families have been outspoken in their impatience for a change in direction in Iraq and desire for a responsible withdrawal of American soldiers.”

But Ferguson spokeswoman Angie Lundberg hit back, raising the ever-popular state-level campaign issue of asset monetization.

"This is a sad, pathetic but not surprising effort by Stender to divert attention from her votes to sell New Jersey's toll roads to foreign companies and force our state's commuters to pay $2,400 a year in higher tolls. Stender should be ashamed of herself,” said Lundberg.

Stender ran against Ferguson in 2006, losing by one percentage point. She has already announced her intention to run again.

Stender attacks Ferguson on Iraq