Stern Uses Fork to Prod, Not Skewer, Spitzer

Henry Stern emailed me yesterday to take issue with the way I characterized his recent column on Eliot Spitzer. (Headline: Henry Stern Sticks a Fork in Spitzer.)

The former city parks commissioner says he’s still supporting the governor, and that his criticisms–brutal as they may have been–are intended spur Spitzer to get his act together. Because, as Stern says, Spitzer is “the only governor we have.”

Here’s his full email:


Thank you from quoting the article I wrote on the governor's problems. I appreciate that.

Please allow me to provide some additional material to your readers. The fork that your headine [sic] said I figuratively stuck into Governor Spitzer in my blog was intended to prod him into action, not to celebrate his being so well cooked he could be devoured.

Your quotes were accurate, but in at least three other places in the blog I urged him to do better and suggested ways that he could.

Here they are:

"We would recommend a vigorous, substantive program of reform, a substantial reduction of state expenditures, and the appointment of persons of stature and courage to his staff and toe the agencies.

Cast a wider net." "…we want both the State and the City to do well. The success of an administration depends on the work of people at the bottom as well as the top. They must be motivated and encouraged to do their best."

"…we want Governor Spitzer to do his best, and we want people to treat him with dignity and respect, in the hope that that will encourage him to do the same. He is, after all, the only governor we have. He deserves a fresh start."


Stern Uses Fork to Prod, Not Skewer, Spitzer