Tavern Brass: Sexual Harassment No Longer On the Menu

More on that Crain's report about sexual and racial harrassment charges levied against iconic Central Park eatery Tavern On The Green.

Court papers assign blame to the famous restaurant's former operations director, Leon Drogy, who allegedly made "frequent sexual comments" to female employees, such as "wanting to 'fuck black pussy' and wanting to know whether 'black pussy' was 'smooth'."

The suit, filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, further accuses Mr. Drogy of repeatedly playing grab ass with one female employee, in particular, and also making many derogatory remarks toward "fucking bitches," "fucking niggers," and "fucking immigrants."

Certainly not the kind polite dinner conversation we've come to expect from the late Warner LeRoy and company, especially since his young daughter, Jennifer Oz LeRoy, now runs the place.

In a statement, the restaurant told Crain's that management learned of the allegations about two years ago and an internal investigation determined the claims to be baseless. (Criminal charges were also dropped.)

Nonetheless, the restaurant suspended Mr. Drogy. He later resigned.

Tavern Brass: Sexual Harassment No Longer On the Menu