The 10 worst (and maybe coolest?) cars revealed

These days when irony is as much a style paradigm as it is a literary device it makes sense that hideous vintage cars are suddenly appreciating in value. Hipsters stock their homes with kitsch and wear neon spandex to parties; why shouldn’t they start collecting ugly vehicles as the next step in reverse snobbery? In response to this new “nerd car” fascination, McKeel Hagerty, CEO of Hagerty Insurance, recently commissioned a survey about the most poorly designed vehicles ever to hit the open road.What came back was an ultimate top-10 list that included such junkers as the Pinto and the Pacer.

Business Week has published survey excerpts and a full photo gallery of the top 10 to click through, so nostalgists can browse online for their next junkyard rescue. The article is worth a browse for the driver comments (“So much window that even in the winter you could fry eggs inside!”) but really, who knew the Gremlin looked so cool in retrospect?

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The 10 worst (and maybe coolest?) cars revealed