The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

The number of Gristedes supermarkets in the city keeps on dropping. [NY Times]

City Hall red tape stymies installation of environmentally friendly microturbines. [NY Times]

If you want a housing deal, consider a long commute to the city. [NY Times]

The 'feverish development' in Springfield Gardens, Queens. [NY Times]

A lookat apartment designer Bruce Price's earliest efforts. [NY Times]

REITs, now posting negative returns, might be a solid investment. [NY Times]

A couple hunts for a home so they can stop moving so much. [NY Times]

A campaign's on to sell the 22 condos left at Morgan Court on Madison Avenue. [NY Times]

Party planner David Tutera closes on Flatiron condo for $4.3 M. The Observer broke news of the deal in April (last item). [NY Times]

Interplay between 80-20 rule, property tax abatements could spell tax troubles for co-op owners. [NY Times]

Who pays for an outside exterminator in a co-op? [NY Times]

Tenants fight eviction from Salvation Army-owned buildings that are being sold. [NY Times]

Sellers should expect lower prices for their homes, buyers should expect a tougher time getting financing. [NY Times]

Manager of the marketing department at Extell Development gets married. [NY Times]

Lawsuit against landlord the Pinnacle Group could become a class action. [NY Post]

Chelsea family battles Marriott over what they say is an illegal hotel on 24th Street. [NY Post]

Swanky designer sex shop Myla to open in the lobby of The Plaza. [NY Post]

Mortgage market problems complicate renters' apartment hunts. [Daily News]

Landlords create 'tourist hotels' out of apartment buildings. Tenants not amused. [NY Times]

Could there be a slump in the Manhattan luxury housing market? Well… [NY Post]

The best-case and worst-case scenarios for New York housing through 2010. [NY Mag]

The (Big) Round-Up: Monday