The classical CD not to be missed

For pianists, Johann Sebastian Bach’s breathtakingly intricate Goldberg Variations is an exercise in technical skill and nimble fingers. For listeners, the 30 two- or three-minute variations are pure pleasure. Lots of virtuosos have tried to put their own stamp on this classic — most famously Glenn Gould with his 1955 debut — but now we have a new musician who convincingly claims it as her own: 34-year-old Juilliard-trained Brooklyn mom Simone Dinnerstein.

Dinnerstein’s self-produced recording is a marvel of perfectly blended precision and emotion. While every note is clear and sure, so too is the sentiment behind each keystroke: wistful, longing, playful, bold — as many distinct feelings as there are variations. The music is awe-inspiring (check out number five for sheer pianism wizardry), and reminds us that when in doubt, always go back to the classics.

Now by popular demand, Venn diagrams and charts with links! Click above for more info.

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The classical CD not to be missed