The Morning Read: Friday, September 21, 2007

In another big Giuliani piece, Michael Powell writes: “What was most difficult to bear about Mr. Giuliani’s mayoralty — his operatic personality, his head-throbbing certainty — became points of strengths in the disorienting weeks after Sept. 11.”

Niall Stanage thinks we're paying too much attention to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Josh Marshall thinks much the same thing.

Michael Bloomberg and Chuck Schumer disagree on Dubai’s plan to buy 20 percent of Nasdaq.

The Albany County District Attorney found no criminal wrongdoing in his probe of the governor’s office.

Steve Kornacki thinks the Senate Republicans have just put themselves in a really bad position for 2008.

The DA also said the governor’s aides were acting “within their authority,” when trying to create travel records for Joe Bruno.

Those findings “on the surface," may be in conflict with the conclusions reached by Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo.

Spitzer said when all this is over, he’ll be vindicated.

Joe Bruno wants Spitzer to talk under oath.

Spitzer attended two fund-raisers last night.

Spitzer may propose increasing state spending by 5.3 percent for next year.

Spitzer may loosen rules and allow undocumented residents to get valid drivers licenses.

Hillary Clinton voted against a resolution denouncing’s ad, and Barack Obama protested the resolution by skipping the vote, he said.

Prosecutors said Norman Hsu admitted to swindling investors and pressuring them to contribute to political campaigns.

The President of Iran wondered why his visit to Ground Zero is controversial.

The FDNY studied the health problems of firefighters who responded to Ground Zero.

A US Attorney in Manhattan wants more help in rooting out organized crime from the carpenters union.

The number of overcrowded classes in city public schools decreased.

Alicia Colon wants Giuliani back.

Andrew Wolf said if mayoral control is not re-approved, the old Board of Education “will rise like a phoenix”.

The New York Post editorial board says the Albany District Attorney wimped out on his investigation of Spitzer.

Blake Dvorak thinks John McCain still has a chance.

And Howard Megdal still thinks that the ($*&**$!) Mets are going to make it.

The Morning Read: Friday, September 21, 2007