The Morning Read: Monday, September 10, 2007

During a debate on Spanish-language television, Dennis Kucinich said he supports making Spanish the official second language in America. Bill Richardson and Chris Dodd disagreed.

Eliot Spitzer is holding meetings in person in order not to create documents that can be FOILed by investigators or reporters.

A source familiar with the Albany District Attorney said he’s unlikely to bring criminal charges.

State police may be called in for questioning in the Trooergate scandal.

Nancy Pelosi is coming to City Hall.

Norman Hsu was a trustee of the New School.

The alleged scheme involving Alan Hevesi resembles one in Connecticut.

A Rensselaer County legislator was killed by his son, according to police.

One of Rep. John Hall’s former primary opponents, Gary Suraci, is getting a sex change.

Chuck Schumer said America is “dangerously vulnerable” to another terrorist attack.

It’s a quiet year for elections.

The City Council will likely overturn Bloomberg’s veto on a cell phone bill.

Jonathan Darman writes in Newsweek about how Hillary Clinton would govern.

The Daily News editorial board calls Joe Bruno a “freeloader.”

The New York Times endorsed Vito Lopez’s judicial candidate, Shawndya Simpson.

And there would be fewer investigations if Spitzer had been more forthright with details, according to Jacob Gershman.

The Morning Read: Monday, September 10, 2007