The Morning Read: Thursday, September 27, 2007

At a debate last night, Hillary Clinton said, “The vast majority of our combat troops should be out” of Iraq.

She seemed to contradict herself, and Bill Clinton, on whether to torture a suspect in a ticking time-bomb scenario to prevent a future attack.

Bill Clinton praised Wal-Mart.

George Bush praised Mike Bloomberg and Joel Klein on schools.

Charlie Rangel was among the New York Democratic congress members to vote in favor of condemning’s ad about General Petraeus.

Rudy Giuliani got a new fund-raiser.

Bloomberg doesn’t like Eliot Spitzer’s new plan for driver’s licenses.

The plan is coming under criticism from Republicans and county clerks too.

Norman Hsu’s assets were frozen.

Republicans are skipping a debate hosted by Tavis Smiley at Morgan State University tonight.

A former NFL player may run against a Republican state Senator in Syracuse.

Eliot Spitzer may support a $1.4 billion plan to expand the Javits Convention Center.

A rifle-toting student at St. John’s University was arrested on campus.

People may have used MySpace to sell steroids.

Eight of the twelve people arrested for corruption in New Jersey are trying to work out a plea with prosecutors.

A 9/11 victim refuses to verify her story.

Jonah Goldberg thinks Giuliani is pandering to the NRA.

And The Daily News editorial board likes Spitzer’s driver’s license plan. The Morning Read: Thursday, September 27, 2007