The Morning Read: Thursday, September 6, 2007

Eliot Spitzer disses a reporter.

The New York Times says, “Expect another season of political turmoil,” in Albany.

Roger Stone apologizes.

Barack Obama has no time for Hillary Clinton’s health care plan.

The state Inspector General will answer questions today in Albany.

The materials found at the U.N. weren’t so hazardous.

America may not be ready for “future environmental disasters”.

The New York Civil Liberties Union criticized the Civilian Complaint Review Board.

The Urban Justice League criticized how the city manages food stamps.

Peter Kalikow wants money for his Ferrari.

Trash fines in the city just went up.

A firefighters’ union wants Nicholas Scoppetta subpoenaed.

Madeleine Albright has suggestions on Iraq.

And John Kerry says the troop surge in Iraq didn’t work.

The Morning Read: Thursday, September 6, 2007