The Morning Read: Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Michael Bloomberg has played a “subtle role in nudging the city to gradually let go of its grief.”

A new photo exhibit of 9/11 opens today.

At an appearance with Michael Bloomberg, Nancy Pelosi said she supports re-opening the victims compensation fund for Ground Zero health victims.

General Petraeus recommended reducing the number of brigades in Iraq from 20 to 15.’s ad attacking Petraeus is criticized by Republicans.

Nearly half of Republican primary voters surveyed in this new poll didn’t know Rudy Giuliani’s position on abortion.

Giuliani sent a memo seeking former aides to “attest to what the city was life before RWG became mayor and what it was like to live during the N.Y.C. renaissance.”

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is returning $850,000 from 260 donors connected to Norman Hsu.

The campaign will now do criminal background checks on its larger contributors.

New York prosecutors are looking into Hsu’s fund-raising, according to the Daily News.

Eliot Spitzer called the Iraq War a “misplaced foreign policy endeavor.”

Spitzer denied meeting staffers in automobiles to avoid creating records that could be obtained by investigators.

The spirit of term limits may be gutted now that former members are eyeing runs at their old seats.

Kirsten Gillibrand supports a date-certain deadline to commence troop withdrawal from Iraq.

Jim Walsh wants to stop funding the War in Iraq.

Ray Kelly has an op-ed discussing anti-terrorism efforts.

Judith Miller has a piece in the Telegraph headlined “Why New York hasn’t been attacked again.”

Ryan Lizza writes in the New Yorker about the “legacy problem.”

And the Kingston Freeman thinks Joe Bruno needs “a reality check.”

The Morning Read: Tuesday, September 11, 2007