The Morning Read: Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Michael Cooper notes that President Bush’s nominee for AG is a friend of Rudy Giuliani’s who, if confirmed, would then lead the justice department as it investigates another Giuliani friend, Bernie Kerik.

A public opinion poll shows voters want Eliot Spitzer to talk about his role in Troopergate.

A 9/11-related health care bill that is supported by Michael Bloomberg and several New York congress members may face some opposition in congress.

The city is offering free legal help to people who may face criminal charges related to the Deutsche Bank fire.

Public school parents aren’t happy with class sizes.

Baltimore may follow New York and sue gun dealers.

Charles Schumer supports making the guy investigating Joe Bruno into a federal judge.

Tom Suozzi wants a pay hike.

Here’s a story about the unlikely scenario of Eliot Spitzer appointing Andrew Cuomo to finish out the remainder of Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat (should she get elected president).

Guy Molinari tries starting a buzz about Vito Fossella for mayor.

Edwards aide Joe Trippi said Hillary Clinton’s fund-raiser today is “a poster child for what is wrong” in Washington.

Barack Obama would tax the rich.

Diana Johnson and Noach Dear won their judicial elections.

Turnout was light in those elections.

An insurgent Republican holds a narrow lead in the Onondoga County Executive race.

Here are the election results from the races in the Hudson Valley.

Michael Goodwin wants Eliot Spitzer to testify about Troopergate.

Wayne Barrett's dad was a nuclear physicist.

And Dick Cheney responds to Alan Greenspan’s criticism of the economy.

The Morning Read: Wednesday, September 19, 2007