The Morning Read: Wednesday, September 5, 2007

There’s a cabbie strike.

Investigators still want to talk to Darren Dopp.

Another aide to Tom Suozzi has left.

Eliot Spitzer's recommendation that NYRA control the state’s horse racing franchise also calls for the state to contribute $75 million to help the group, and for NYRA to reduce its board of directors from 28 to 19.

Long Island congressman and Giuliani supporter Peter King attacked Fred Thompson.

College friends say of Hillary Clinton say she was no anti-war radical and hoped to work within political boundaries.

Hillary and Bill Clinton will be convention delegates.

The New York Sun explores whether Michael Bloomberg could keep his company if elected president.

Andrea Peyser doesn’t like the Khalil Gibran school in Brooklyn.

The school’s opening sparked an “outcry” locally.

Despite that, the opening was pretty normal, according to this account.

This Army veteran, and blogger, is undecided about the school.

Larry Craig may not retire after all.

Michael Goodwin thinks Spitzer is not telling the truth with his latest denials.

Dick Morris doesn’t like Hillary Clinton’s flexibility on issues.

The New York Post editorial board is wondering what Spitzer is hiding in his emails.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board defends a pro-Iraq War Democratic congressman from MoveOn.Org [subscription].

And Returning Darren Dopp to the state payroll is a kind of “pre-emptive indulgence,” according to The Wall Street Journal editorial board [subscription]. The Morning Read: Wednesday, September 5, 2007