The Root of Spitzer’s Problems

So, when exactly did Eliot Spitzer’s term as governor go wrong?

Was it when his aides directed state police to create records of Joe Bruno’s use of state aircraft? Or when one of them got caught saying there was a FOIL request for the information, when there wasn’t?Or when Spitzer said that his staff had cooperated with investigators, which later turned out not to be totally true?

Dean Pagani, a former journalist and communications director for Connecticut Governor Rowland–who was forced from office in a corruption scandal–thinks Spitzer’s problems started, well, on Day One.

By mid-summer, Spitzer found his administration under investigation for ethics violations by fellow Democrat and Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. Spitzer’s mandate did not include a pass to abuse the powers of the office. Seven months into his term his over-reach cost him several members of his staff and weakened him going into year two.

Every winning candidate, on Election Night, stands on a stage in some run down rented hall and claims a mandate for change. “The people believe as I believe, I’m in charge now and tomorrow and from now on we do things my way.” Mistake one happens right there before the oath of office is taken.

The Root of Spitzer’s Problems