The Round-Up: Thursday

Renters and homeowners across the city are spending big chunks of their income on housing. [NY Times]

Former Deutsche Bank building to be resealed. [NY Times]

That Harlem building that was evacuated for being unsafe? The morning before its evacuation a Buildings Department inspector had declared it perfectly fine. [NY Times]

San Gennaro Festival starts in Little Italy today. [NY Post]

Charles Gargano steps down as Port Authority commissioner. [NY Post]

Mariah Carey renting at 15 Broad Street for $8,000 a month. [NY Post]

Ricky Martin pays $6.3 M. for three-bedroom at 40 Bond. (last item) [NY Post]

Luxury condos 'transforming' Astoria. [NY Post]

Signs perhaps emerge that Manhattan is now more buyer-friendly. [NY Sun]

Developers of Penn Station redevelopment are working to get federal money for it. [NY Sun]

Nordstrom mulls a Manhattan store. [NY Sun]

A study says more people leave the city every year than move in. Who knew? [Daily News]

The Round-Up: Thursday