Thompson revisits Louisiana

Veteran District 13 Assemblyman Sam Thompson comes to New Jersey by way of Louisiana.

Civil rights activists last week descended on Jena, La., to protest charges of attempted murder initially brought against six young African-Americans, who allegedly beat up a white youth they said was part of an anti-black element in the mostly white town.

The activists said the charges proved that element was the town establishment.

"There are two parts to that issue," said Thompson. "The first is that what's forgotten is there was a young man who was beaten, six against one. The other part, of course, is the punishment was way too severe for (the Jena Six)."

Thompson has a stump speech he's been using for at least as long as the Democrats have been in charge in which he comically laments being connected to two states – New Jersey and Lousiana – which are generally regarded as bastions of government corruption.

But after what he cites as former Gov. James McGreevey-Golan Cipal and Gov. Jon Corzine-Carla Katz, and six years of "fiscal mismanagement and madness, Louisiana can no longer hold a candle to New Jersey," he told the Middlessex County Republicans on Sunday.

Thompson revisits Louisiana