Vibe Rater: Goodburger, 870 Broadway

As the fall chill sets in and the thought of bundling up in ski gear to stand in line at Shake Shack sounds less appealing, Goodburger offers a sleek, climate-controlled alternative.

For a slight price hike, of course: $10.75 for a double cheeseburger? Even Danny Meyer isn’t that shameless.

How odd that proprietor Nick Tsoulos chose J. Wellington Wimpy, the barrel-bellied beef addict from the Popeye cartoons, as the venue’s mascot.

If the down-and-out burger bum were an actual person, we bet Mr. Tsoulos’s goons would have him promptly escorted from the premises.

The premium prices likely account for the joint’s upscale décor, with flat-screen TVs, merlot-colored walls, dark-wood tables, and a marble countertop featuring gooey desserts in glass-covered cake stands.

House music thumps in the background.

Large wall-length mirrors allow diners to watch their waistbands expand while wolfing down fudge brownie shakes and cheese fries.

What might a modern-day Wimpy say? “I'd gladly pay you Tuesday for a liposuction sesh today.”

Vibe Rater: Goodburger, 870 Broadway