Vibe Rater: Night Cafe, 938 Amsterdam Avenue

The Night Cafe abounded on Thursday night with the sort of sad glee one might find in a sports bar dedicated to a losing team: You know it’s hopeless, but the company of strangers struggling in the same lost cause helps immensely.

The Morningside Heights dive bar is expected to close this weekend, thrown under the bus of a neighborhood in rapid flux from iffy to immaculate. As the clock ticked, a motley, jovial assortment of mostly middle-aged patrons on rickety stools drank cosmos and domestic beers in shady lighting; and, perhaps fittingly, around 10, someone put the Queen-David Bowie duet “Under Pressure” on the jukebox.

Can’t we give ourselves one more chance, indeed.

“It’s been like this all summer,” said one soused patron. “Who knows?”

The owner, himself sipping a pilsner from a giant wine glass, said Sunday should be his Night Café’s last day, however. Get the dingy while you can.

Vibe Rater: Night Cafe, 938 Amsterdam Avenue