Vibe Rater: Ricky’s NYC, 107 Montague Street

A middle-aged mom slowly steers a stroller down an aisle of dank aromatherapy candles, shopping bags from nearby Ann Taylor Loft slung over the handlebars, as pulsing, synthisized beats, purrs, and bleeps blare in the background.

Trance techno on staid Montague Street?

Indeed. Flamboyant cosmetics and novelty shop Ricky's NYC has arrived to spice up this lackluster strip of banks, realtor offices and cell-phone stores.

"I'm looking for something for my godson," remarks another soccer mom around 1 p.m. on Friday.

How bout an "I [HEART] MY PENIS" air freshener?

Is buttoned-up Brooklyn Heights truly ready for anal beads, Moregasm pills and chocolate-flavored body syrup?

Maybe not. All that "Red Light District" stuff is stashed away behind a beaded curtain in the far back of the basement.

But don't be fooled by the light foot traffic during the lunch hour (typically the busiest time for Montague-area retailers), warned one cashier.

Just wait until school lets out!

Vibe Rater: Ricky’s NYC, 107 Montague Street