Weingarten Not With Bloomberg on Testing, Cell Phones

The head of the teachers’ union, Randi Weingarten, has had a pretty good working relationship with Michael Bloomberg, who has made education the cornerstone of his mayoral legacy.

But in a television interview airing Sunday, Weingarten, showed some daylight between her vision of school and Bloomberg’s.

First, she offered a pretty good analogy explaining her objection to City Hall’s strategy of evaluating teachers based on their students’performance.

According to a transcript of her interview with Jay DeDapper, Weingarten said:

“I say to them because a lot of us have had cancer in our family, would you want your oncologist, or your mom or dad's oncologist to be graded on the survival rates of his or her patients?”

And on the issue of cell phones in schools, Weingarten sided more with the City Council than with City Hall.

"The dilemma is that in the world we live in right now, parents–cell phones are a connection between parents and kids. And so the truth is that most schools have a don't ask, don't tell policy. And that's the truth, that's what's going on, and ultimately the council was smart because they said parents can have their cell phone–kids can have their cell phones to school."

Weingarten Not With Bloomberg on Testing, Cell Phones