We’re Country!

To the Editor:

I was offended when I read Sara Vilkomerson’s description of the Kenny Chesney concert that took place at Madison Square Garden on Aug. 30 [“The 15-Day Week,” Aug. 27-Sept. 3]. Let me put Mr. Chesney’s career in perspective.

He has won numerous awards, including being named the Entertainer of the Year multiple times by the Country Music Association. This is a feat that has only been accomplished by such artists and acts as Alabama, Hank Williams Jr., and Garth Brooks.

Second, Mr. Chesney’s concerts often sell out within hours of when the tickets go on sale. I don’t think his fans were “settling” (as Ms. Vilkomerson puts it) for the entertainment, considering that tickets had already been sold out.

Next, the way Ms. Vilkomerson described his fan base was totally uncalled for. I, for example, am a well-educated person with a Master’s degree. I love country music and don’t appreciate the way Ms. Vilkomerson stereotyped me or my fellow fans.

For another thing, Mr. Chesney isn’t “Mr. Renée Zellweger.” He has his own identity, and it would be nice if the media would let him move on. Mr. Chesney is a great entertainer: He is humble, cares about his fans, sings songs that people can relate to and has a great time up onstage each night. In fact, a few weeks ago, he was sick and still went onstage to perform. What does that say about Mr. Chesney?

Tiffany Murray

We’re Country!