A Novel Idea: No More Press Passes

Here is a clip of NYPD spokesman Paul Browne, discussing “a proposal I’m seriously considering” that would eliminate NYPD-issued press credentials to reporters.

I came across the video on the blog run by Rafael Martinez-Alequin (who has his own press pass issues). It says it was filmed during a September 14, 2007 conference where Browne was speaking.

Here’s what Browne said:

“I’d like to get your reaction to a proposal I’m seriously considering, and that is eliminating all press credentials issued by the police department. Just doing away with it.”

He goes on to say, “What would you think of our just getting out of the business entirely?”

The effect, Browne explains:

“Reporters, you know, your from a big newspaper, you’re a little newspaper, you’re from a web site, doesn’t make any difference. You’re just like anybody else.”

Thoughts? A Novel Idea: No More Press Passes