Adam Clayton Powell Urges Opposition to Spitzer’s MTA Pick

Heres a letter from Democratic Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell urging state Senators not to confirm Eliot Spitzer’s nominee to lead the MTA, Dale Hemmerdinger, because of Hemmerdigner’s association with a private club supposedly lacking in diversity.

From the October 22 letter:

“In fact, the Harmonie Club had no minority members at the time Mr. Hemmerdinger was President, has no minority members today, and has never had any minority members. It would be virtually impossible for Mr. Hemmerdinger not to know this.

Mr. Hemmerdinger’s attempt to distance himself from the discriminatory membership policies of the organization by claiming he is an “inactive” member is also disingenuous. Mr. Hemmerginder was a full-fledged dues paying resident member in good standing until he resigned from the Harmonie Club the day after his transportation committee hearing.

An overwhelming number of the MTA’s subway and bus riders are African American and Latino. Senate confirmation of an individual with long membership in an all-white club would be both inappropriate and offensive.”

Adam Clayton Powell Urges Opposition to Spitzer’s MTA Pick