Administration argues that Wilson is overly-enthusiastic

By Nov. 5th, the Corzine administration must present a thorough explication of how it determined what email correspondence to release between the governor and his former girlfriend, a Superior Court judge ruled today.

In a fist-pump press release, GOP Chairman Tom Wilson wondered, "If, as the governor claimed today after the decision, he was thorough in his search, why didn't he just give the court the detail he was ordered to provide months ago?"

Lilo Stainton, spokeswoman for the governor, said Wilson "mis-characterized the judge’s words."

"It’s not that they’re giving more detail, it’s just that they’re certifying the search. We were asked to supply certification, which was made by IT professionals," she said of Superior Court Judge Paul Innes’ order to the administration.

The administration, said Stainton, will supply the certification in time for the deadline.

But "This is not simply a clerical matter," Wilson said.

In May,the state GOP chairmanfiled a lawsuit against the administration demanding under the Open Public Records Act that Corzine makehis emails public with Carla Katz, a former girlfriend and, significantly -president of the state Communications of America local that last year was in contract talks with the state.

"Governor Corzine isn't just stonewalling me," he said in his release. "Now he's stonewalling the court. The fact is he didn't do a thorough search and he doesn't want people to see the back-channel communications with Katz and the influence she has over his public actions."

Administration argues that Wilson is overly-enthusiastic