Amy Sedaris: New York is Ganja Town

Of all the New York stories that still float around Amy Sedaris’ mind, one sticks out more than the rest. “You can get pot delivered to your house! I’ve got a lot of good memories that involve that, yeah,” she said, mocking a wistful side-glance. “I’m just saying that when you move here, you’re always told that that happens, and I was pretty amazed that that can happen!”

Ms. Sedaris was hosting “West Village Stories” last night on behalf of the Moth—the New York-based non-profit that hosts live storytelling events—at the Manhattan Penthouse above Union Square. The evening was sponsored by One Jackson Square, a yet-to-be-built luxury condominium in Greenwich Village. In a nod to Halloween, Ms. Sedaris, 46, was wearing a blue felt replica dress from the “Date Night” Barbie doll, which was created by her designer friend.

Urban conveniences like the one Ms. Sedaris recalls might soon come in handy for her yet again. Tonight’s Village Halloween Parade “goes outside my window, so I’m literally trapped in my apartment all night long. You can’t answer the phone because it’s so loud and it’s terrible, so I’m really…I have to stay or go out of the neighborhood and spend the night somewhere else,” she admitted in a theatrical frown.

With such prime spectator seating, Ms. Sedaris has seen more than a few memorable getups in recent years. Her favorite? “It was a skinny gay guy walking around, and he was emaciated-looking, and he was walking around like this”—she lurched around in a semi-circle with her arms raised—“You know, shoulders up like this. And he had a Super Man costume on, and it just looked really funny on him; like, ‘That’s Super Man?! Shriveled and old and bored?”’ she giggled.

Last night was apparently a rare departure in aesthetics for Ms. Sedaris, who admitted that she never dresses up for the holiday anymore. “I liked dressing up as a hobo; I did that a lot [as a child].”

Aside from hosting the odd Moth event, Ms. Sedaris spends her days “traveling and trying to push my book [I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence], like a stewardess. You know, you go somewhere for one week and then you come back, so I’ve just been living out of a little suitcase,” she said.

Amy Sedaris: New York is Ganja Town