Analyst Says Tech Blog is Affecting News Corp. Stock

Is it possible for a tech blog to affect one of the world’s leading media corporations’ stock figure?

Maybe. Peter Kafka at Silicon Alley Insider wrote this morning about how media analyst Michael Nathanson of Bernstein Research believes the tech blog is trying to discredit News Corp. In an offcial Bernstein report, Mr. Nathanson identified several instances of waht he sees as SIA’s negative coverage of News Corp., and asks the question: "Is MySpace Getting Swift Boated?" In response, Mr. Kafka said there’s no grudge against News Corp: "Michael, a News Corp. bull, apparently views us as opponents. We’re not," he writes. 

It’s hard to believe that a billion-dollar corporation — or its backers–would spent much time worrying about an independent blog.  Still, in the long-run, blogs could end up being a more formidable obstacle to Rupert Murdoch’s plans than any of his mainstream media rivals have been so far. Analyst Says Tech Blog is Affecting News Corp. Stock