Another misstep for Singh

Democrat Seema Singh, who is the target of a state ethics investigation, seems to be frustrating some fellow Democrats by what one member of her party called an “intellectually dishonest” campaign for State Senator against Republican Bill Baroni. It helps that Baroni seems to be adept at staying a couple of steps ahead of Singh.

Today, Singh attacked Baroni for failing to criticize GOP President George W. Bush for his veto the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). What Singh didn’t get was that Baroni quietly wrote to Bush nearly four weeks ago, prior to the veto, defending SCHIP. Baroni had forwarded a copy of his letter to at the time, and his campaign today provided proof that the White House had received his letter on September 26.

Making matters worse for Singh was a public statement today by New Jersey Teamsters Union President Clifford Nolan praising Baroni for standing up to Bush – and criticizing Singh for her unfair attacks on Baroni. Another misstep for Singh