Another old man leaves the Senate

Another aging Senate veteran is retiring: Pete Domenici, a 75-year-old New Mexico Republican, is expected to announce today that he will not run again after 36 years in the United States Senate. John Warner, 80, is leaving the Senate after thirty years, and Craig Thomas died in office earlier this year at age 74.

Ted Stevens is the oldest Senator seeking re-election — he turns 84 next month. The FBI is investigating the Alaska Republican as part of a probe on illegal gifts from an oil company, and a looking at whether a $3.5 million earmark benefitted a Stevens donor, and maybe his son, an Alaska State Senator. The probe is also looking at whether federal funds he obtained for a wildlife research center may have enriched one of his ex-staffers.

Of the remaining 29 Senators seeking re-election, New Jersey's Frank Lautenberg, who turns 84 in January, is the oldest, followed by James Inhofe of Oklahoma and Carl Levin of Michigan, who will both be 74. Another old man leaves the Senate