At Benefit, Imus and Son Flip Reporters the Bird

Don Imus refused to speak to the press at Christie’s auction house in Rockefeller Plaza last night, where a fund-raiser for the children’s charity S.K.I.P. was being held, but the jock-who-shocked-too-much was happy to show his eight-year-old red-headed son, Wyatt, how to flip the bird.

But before extending his exemplary middle finger before the young boy’s amused face, Mr. Imus was wandering around the art-filled galleries wearing his signature lonesome cowboy outfit: brown ten-gallon, mammoth belt buckle, holey jeans and weathered boots. A few feet behind his family, a bodyguard stood vigil over their every move.

Mr. Imus, 67, whose radio program on WFAN was infamously cancelled last spring after he employed highly insensitive language to describe some of the players on the Rutgers women’s basketball team, is expected to again return to the airwaves (he was fired from radio once before, in 1977). This, he didn’t want to discuss, but his wife Deirdre was willing to tell the Daily Transom about her love for fine art.

“Oh, god yes! I love the Impressionistic period, the Western art—you know, Frederic Remington, Charlie Russell—and then, again, I like artists like Mark Rothko, things like that too.”

So is Ms. Imus excited about her husband’s possible return to radio?

“You’d have to ask him about that. I don’t want to comment on that.”

At Benefit, Imus and Son Flip Reporters the Bird