Beck changes spending cut priorities in face of Karcher challenge

When State Sen. Ellen Karcher challenged Assemblywoman Jennifer Beck in a taped television debate with Michael Aron today to explain why she wants to cut $12,000,000 from New Jersey After 3, Beck denied that was one ofher budgetcuts.

But it was listed as such in a power pointon Beck's website- at least until today.

"She was caught in a lie on an NJN debate," Karcher campaign spokesman Michael Premo said of Beck. "When she was called out on it, they altered their website."

Premosaid the link provided by Beck's websitethis morning showed the $12,000,000 figure under the following heading: "suspension of, or reduction in, non-essential programs."

Butbetween thetime the Karcher campaign released a Friday morning press releasechallenging Beck on the issue,and the afternoon, someone removed the $12,000,000 line itemfrom the power point presentation of Beck's proposed spending cuts.

Beck spokesman Tom Fitzsimmons admitted they removed the dollar figure, and described Premo's complaint as "much ado about nothing."

He said the Beck team's website links totheAssembly Republicans' power point of suggested cuts, and admitted that whenhis candidatetook the hit from Karcher this morning, theypulledthe NJ After 3 line item.

"This is one of the cuts that she wouldn't go after," Fitzsimmons said. "She doesn't agree with every single one."

In the power point presentation, the old total proposed reduction of whatRepublicans identified as non-essential items was $38,692,000. With the removal of the $12,000,000, that total changed to $26,292,000, with $400,000 unaccounted for. But the old total of $38,692,000 remained on the final page of the power point presentation, at least as late as this afternoon.

New Jersey After 3 is a private non-profit organization dedicated to expanding career opportunities for children, according to the organization's website. Beck changes spending cut priorities in face of Karcher challenge