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1. Who knew that the combination of a big emotive ape and the music of Phil Collins would be such a big hit? The ad agency Fallon London apparently did, as it made this minute-and-a-half spot for Cadbury Dairy Milk that VSL readers fell for (though we’re still not sure what it has to do with sweets). To read the original VSL e-mail, click here.

2. VSL readers loved the sound of Michael Bierut’s Seventy-nine Short Essays on Design. The book is an excellent introduction to a world where almost everything can be seen in terms of design. Bierut, a co-founder of the Design Observer group blog and a partner at Pentagram, entertainingly writes about architects as easily as he does about Nabokov or National Lampoon. To read the original VSL e-mail, click here.

3. The most popular VSL CD pick of September? The fresh take on Johann Sebastian Bach’s famed Goldberg Variations by 34-year-old Juilliard-trained Brooklyn mom Simone Dinnerstein. Her self-produced recording of the notoriously difficult work is precise, moving, and an instant classic. To read the original VSL e-mail, click here.

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