Campbell’s bad campaign for EPA Administrator

It's no secret that former state Environmental Commissioner Bradley Campbell wants to be the Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under a Democratic President. That might explain why Campbell has gone public with his opposition to the controversial EnCap project in Bergen County.

Campbell told The Record that he viewed EnCap as a "terrible bait and switch" by the developer and wanted to stop public financing of the plan because it was "a scandalmonger's dream" that could cost taxpayers upwards of $70 million.

And Campbell says that the deal "could expose 'pay to play' aspects of the financing plan by drawing attention to the involvement of the politically connected DeCotiis law firm."

But Campbell's strategy has two key problems: Richard Codey, who was Acting Governor when Campbell says he raised his objections, basically called his ex-DEP Commissioner a liar; and Campbell pretty much called the DeCotiis firm a bunch of paytoplaymeisters; partners in the the DeCotiss firm, which represented EnCap — specifically Democratic National Committeeman Alfred DeCotiis, have strong ties to the front runner for the Democratic Presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton.

After leaving the cabinet in 2006, Campbell joined Wolff Samson, a politically active North Jersey law firm. But Campbell is no longer listed on the firm's website.

Campbell’s bad campaign for EPA Administrator