Codey goes South

Senate President Dick Codey is taking an active role in some south Jersey campaigns previously considered to be the territory of South Jersey boss George Norcross.

Codey is reportedly donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to the ultra-competitive legislative races in districts one and two.

“This is the most that the Senate PAC has contributed to a southern district since I can recall,” said Codey spokesman A.J. Sabath.

Sabath would not disclose how much money would be donated, but sources say that Codey’s PACs have already donated as $800,000 to state Senate candidate Jim Whelan and his Assembly running mates, and may give $200,000 more. Codey is also said to have given $400,000 to the state Senate campaign of Assemblyman Jeff Van Drew in the first district. The money will primarily be spent on television ads in the Philadelphia market.

Meanwhile, Norcross is said to have the bulk of his attention in traditionally Republican district eight, where newly minted Democratic Assemblyman Fran Bodine and his Assembly running mates Chris Fifis and Tracy Riley are duking it out with Republicans Phil Haines, Dawn Marie Addiego and Phil Haines.

South Jersey Democrats have reportedly backed down from a commitment to spend a large chunk of money on the Atlantic County Executive campaign of Sheriff Jim McGettigan, who they say has failed to make headway against Dennis Levinson.

McGettigan, however, denies that anyone ever made him a monetary promise.

“I was never promised any money by anybody,” said McGettigan. “The big lie from the Republicans that we were funded by the Camden County Democrats is bogus.”

Codey goes South