CWA members seek Berg recall

Some CWA Local 1034 members are circulating a petition to recall Jonathan Berg from the Executive Board, where he is Vice President of the Higher Level Supervisory Unit.Berg has spoken out against union president Carla Katz, who appears popular among her union membership for her toughness and political clout.

In an e-mail to members, organizers of the Recall Berg movement said:

Every 1034 member should sign and circulate this petition to recall Jonathan Berg from the Executive Board of Local 1034. Pass this email on to all the CWA members you know.

Although we got him elected to the Pension Board and State Investment Council to protet our pension, he has abandoned the Union and sided with the administration. He has consistently voted with the appointed State Investment Council hacks instead of standing up for the Union. He just voted last week to divert hundreds of millions of dollars from PERS to private management – ecactoy the thing that the Union opposes. Whether you are a county, municipal, or state workers, this guy is screwing your pension.
Now he is trying cover himself by complaining about Local 1034 leadership. He's been on the Board for years, but now he complains…it's a smokescreen. He's lining up with our enemies to make politcal attacks on us, it's time we recalled him from the Board.
CWA members seek Berg recall