Cynthia Rowley Goes Polar Bear in West Village Backyard

When it comes to a refreshing dip, Cynthia Rowley, the fashion designer and lady-about-town, thinks it’s better served cold and late than not at all. Speaking to us last night, she admitted that she can’t wait to use the new private pool that’s just been installed in her West Village back yard.

“And I know what you’re thinking!” she shouted with a laugh to the Daily Transom last night at the RxArt Ball, where also donated a work of her own creation for the silent auction, a watercolor entitled Rorschach Beetle. She went on: “You’re thinking, But it’s winter!”—yup, that’s exactly what we were thinking—“and that was kind of the unfortunate part of it, but at least it’s in.”

It may be installed in the back of her posh digs in the leafy West Village, but it’s not quite ready for Ms. Rowley’s strokes, no matter how creative or fashionable. “It’s heated, but probably not all winter. Things always take longer than you think they will, so we’ll be in it next week, no matter what the temperature is!” Cynthia Rowley Goes Polar Bear in West Village Backyard