Dear Votes Come Cheap, Relatively

Noach Dear, a judicial candidate who was panned by judicial screening groups saying he was not fit to be a judge, spent $61,918.68 on literature saying otherwise, according to Dear's 10 Day post-primary financial report.

Dear spent $35,000 on literature from Bottom Line Marketing on September 10th, with an additional $1,633 spent the next day (September 11th) on literature from Advertiser’s Edge. $1,340 was spent on posters from Poster Central, and $23,945.68 was spent, again, on literature printed from Bottom Line.

According to unofficial results from the city Board of Elections (they're certifying the votes later this week), Noach Dear got 3,776 votes to beat Karen Yellen, who got 2,554.

Which means that Dear spent roughly $16.50 on literature for each vote he got. Which is pretty economical, by Dear standards. In case you’re counting. Dear Votes Come Cheap, Relatively