Democrats control ELEC

State law requires the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission to be equally divided among both political parties, but in the months preceding the 2007 general election, Democrats have a majority.

Governor Jon Corzine appointed one of the two Republican ELEC Commissioners, retired Superior Court Judge Theodore Davis, to serve as the Chief Operating Officer of the City of Camden. Corzine has not filled the GOP vacancy, which leaves the Democrats with a 2-1 majority on the bi-partisan panel that decides potentially sensitive campaign finance matters – like whether Democratic Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein should receive $100,000 in Clean Elections relief money because a conservative group is running issue advocacy ads that mention her name.

Albert Burstein and Jerry Fitzgerald English, two former Democratic legislators, serve on ELEC, along with Peter Tobler, a former Assistant Counsel to Governors Christine Todd Whitman and Donald DiFrancesco. Democrats control ELEC