Dems Play the Prison Redistricting Card

The Democrats are trying to introduce another front in the fight for control of the state Senate: the issue of redistricting based on the prison population.

At a press conference on the City Hall steps just now, Eric Schneiderman said, “We, in New York State, have seven senate districts that would not meet the minimum population requirement if we didn’t count the prisoners.”

Some of those districts, according to Schneiderman, are represented by Dale Volker, Elizabeth Little, Michael Nizzolio, Jim Wright, Joseph Griffo, and David Valesky.

Velmanette Montgomrey of Brooklyn said her borough would likely pick up two seats if the lines were redrawn to reflect where those prisoners originally come from, and often return after incarceration.

Those seats, one imagines, would be Democratic. Two seats, it bears mentioning, is the number keeping the the G.O.P. in the majority.

Dems Play the Prison Redistricting Card