Dems target Polistina

In the 2nd district, the Democratic candidates for the Assembly have clearly identified Republican engineer Vince Polistina as their chief target, whom they're trying to define as a taxpayer bilking machine.

The Demsare running an ad on FOX television that slams Assembly candidate Polistina for fulfilling public contracts – some of them no-bid contracts, according to the ad.

"Oh, yeah," the ad says. "Vince Polistina has been donating to Republicans for years."

At the candidates' forum sponsored by the Atlantic City Regional Mainland Chamber of Commerce Thursday night, labor leader Joe Wilkins went after Polistina in his closing statement.

"I call him the $6 million dollar man," said Wilkins, referring to the money Polistina made fromwhatthe Democratsaid were 13 public contracts.

"Over six years," Polistina interjected.

After the debate, the GOP candidate defended his record, and the money he's received. He said engineering is a public job because much of the work involves public infrastructure: roads, bridges, utility systems and parks. Polistina said he employs 10-12 people at his engineering firm and manages salary and wages and healthcare plans.

"Democrats are the only people who point to someone running a successful business as a reason why you should not send someone to the Legislature," Polistina said.

Dems target Polistina