Dems Who Oppose Spitzer’s License Plan on Principle

The Times Union offered a gift of sorts to Democrats in the state Senate queasy about voting to allow illegal immigrant to obtain a driver’s license. By reporting on the technological difficulties some DMV machines have in detecting phony documents, senators can now, legitimately, say they oppose the plan because the technology isn’t there yet.

That’s how Jeff Klein had previously hedged his concerns about the issue before voting against the measure.

Seven other Democrats joined him.

I just got off the phone with Tom Staudter, a spokesman for one of them, Andrea Stewart-Cousins.

At first, he pointed to the TU story and the technological troubles as the reason for Stewart-Cousins’ objection.

But when those kinks get worked out, I asked, would she support it?

“She still has a problem, in a sense, giving people a privilege that is conferred by the state,” Staudter told me. “The other thing is she is still looking at the plan.”

Dems Who Oppose Spitzer’s License Plan on Principle