Dennison files ethics complaint against Allen

Another day, another ethics complaint.

Richard Dennison held another press conference today in front of his opponent Diane Allen’s legislative office to announce that he is filing a complaint with the Joint Committee on Ethical Standardsagainst the Republican incumbent .

Dennison said that Allen used her legislative staff to observe and take notes on at least three of the many press conferences he held outside of her office.

“If Diane Allen sees fit to unabashedly send taxpayer-paid legislative office employees outside in the light of day to conduct obviously partisan political activities, I shudder to imagine the likely additional political involvements of these taxpayer-paid employees.”

Dennison went on to dredge up two instances, one from 2002 and one from 1997, where Diane was investigated by the ethics committee, though they didn't result in any charges.

"She was completely exonerated," said Allen's spokesman Adam Bauer, who added that the charges were "without merit."

Bauer said he was unaware of a staffer coming out to watch Dennison except for at his first press conference in April, when they were curious about the commotion outside.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” said Bauer. “He shows up in front of the Senator’s office to conduct a press conference and then complains when he finds people working there. He’s become not just an embarrassment to himself, but to his party as well.” observed a woman who appeared to work in Allen’s legislative office taking notes during Dennison’s fourth press conference at that location in early August. When she was described to Bauer, he said that the only person who matched the description was an unpaid intern.

“There was no campaign activity going on by paid senate staff. It just didn’t happen,” said Bauer. Dennison files ethics complaint against Allen