Dipping Our Hand Into a Greasy Tub of Cisco: Mischa’s Ex Takes Manhattan, Escorts Hearst

On Friday, Oct. 12, the Transom shared a shepherd’s pie at P.J. Clarke’s with L.A. demi-celebrity Cisco Adler, who was finishing up a two-week whirlwind tour of New York. Mr. Adler, best known as the ex-boyfriend of the actress Mischa Barton and for having his low-hanging gonads pictured on the Internet, is preparing for a second act as a producer and businessman. In the meantime, he said, he’s “riding the wave.”

The previous evening, Mr. Adler had pulled in a $10,000 paycheck D.J.-ing at the downtown nightclub Tenjune. Later that very afternoon, he would be paid to make an “appearance” at a New Jersey club. Saturday was another $10,000 D.J. gig, in Atlantic City. Earlier in the week he had been paid to attend what he called a “J.A.P.-py” loft party in SoHo. “I called up Ron”—his manager—“and I’m like, ‘Can you book some shit?’” Mr. Adler said. “I’m gonna fly to New York, can you book me some shit?”

Two months ago, on Mr. Adler’s 29th birthday, he dissolved his band Whitestarr, feeling that they were “defining me” too much. It was shortly after they wrapped the final episode of the VH1 reality show The Rock Life. Since then he produced Mickey Avalon’s “Jane Fonda,” which reached No. 36 on the Billboard charts.

Not surprisingly, after surviving “Ballgate,” Mr. Adler’s theory is that “privacy is dead.”

“The new world is obsessed with celebrities,” he said. “Even someone like me is. Wow, I’m a celebrity, you know what I mean? I can’t even say the words, it makes me wanna vomit. You know? But, I think of it as, I’m gonna go have a good time with them. It’s a lifestyle that I’m selling, and if you wanna pay me for that, we’ll show up at your party, we’ll bring a crew, we’ll party, I guarantee you’ll have a good time, the price is going up next time.”

The job does have its perks. “The other night we’re at the Rose Bar and we had a completely naked chick with us in the Rose Bar, drinking, and they wouldn’t even tell her to put her clothes back on,” Mr. Adler said. “I wrote a song about it; it’s a great song.”

He has also squired model-heiress Lydia Hearst about town, but insists they are not dating.

Conversation was interrupted by a call from Shwayze, a rapper that he is currently producing, who advised Mr. Adler not to return to the apartment where they were staying because the neighbors had called the police. “It smells like weed,” said Mr. Adler without a trace of rue. “Alpha Alpha Gizmo is under siege.”

He said he has a prescription for medical marijuana. For what condition? “That’s doctor-patient privilege, bro.” Are we stuck in an episode of Entourage or what?

Mr. Adler said that for what it’s worth, New York is actually less celebrity-obsessed than L.A.. “It’s crazy, this whole world has gotten,” he said. “You see in the airport, you see that everyone has a fucking US Weekly in their hand, everyone, even people who probably don’t give a shit, just because it’s entertaining, you know what I mean? You can’t deny it.” Dipping Our Hand Into a Greasy Tub of Cisco: Mischa’s Ex Takes Manhattan, Escorts Hearst