District 2 Democrats launch two website attacks

Team Whelan launched two websites in as many daysagainst two of their opponents, state Sen. Sonny McCullough and Assembly candidate Vince Polistina.

In a press release, district 2 Democrats' campaign spokesman Raiyan Syed said of Polistina, "Beware the '$6 Million-Dollar Man' masquerading as a taxpayers' advocate in the state Assembly contest. The candidate scrambling to hide his record is Republican Vince Polistina, who has spent the last several years truly advocating for one lone taxpayer: himself. Using the political system in ways he'd rather the voters not know about, Polistina has pocketed nearly $6 millionfrom 13 government entities, even wrangling multiple no-bid, pay-to-play government contracts."

Syed said the new website, features a television ad supported by the relevant government documents.

When one of his opponents, Joe Wilkins, raised the contract question at a debate last week, Polistina said he went to school for four years and worked under an engineer for four years to obtain his engineering license.

"Of course, engineering is a public job," he said. "You design roads, you design bridges, you design parks and you design utility systems; and so of course engineers are going to do public work.

"I'm very proud of the work I've done," he added, and said the $6 million was over a six-year period.

The other website,
targetsAssemblyman Jim Whelan's opponent, Sen. Sonny McCullough, which calls into question the senator'sholding multiple taxpayer-funded jobs,and claiming his opposition to dual office-holding but refusing to relinquish one of his public offices, among other things,Syed said.

McCullough last week said he anticipated a big hit coming.

"Codey is going to pour a million dollarsdown here," he said of Democratic Senate President Richard Codey's backing of Whelan. "Obviously they know they're running behind, and we're going to continue doing what we do by running a grassroots campaign."
District 2 Democrats launch two website attacks