DSC reminds voters of Bush

New Jersey Republicans may not be bringing up President Bush much in their campaigns this year, but the Democratic State Committee is reminding voters that the GOP brought him here for a fundraiser in May.

The DSC has been using the President’s image on flyers encouraging constituents to vote by absentee ballot, which they call the Vote by Mail Program.

“George W. Bush’s record is a record of failure. That hasn’t stopped your local Republicans, who support his failed agenda, from accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars Bush raise for them this year,” reads the flyer.

Last week, the Democrats started making robo-calls with the comedic voice of a Bush impersonator urging Democrats not to fill out absentee ballot applications.

“When I’m not busy vetoing health insurance or sending Jersey’s National Guard troops to Iraq, I spend lots of time and money on your local Republicans. I need their help, not more Democrats,” says the voice.

Democratic State Committee Executive Director Rob Angelo said that, while typical off-year elections don’t focus on federal issues, Bush has helped the Democratic cause by his toxic poll numbers in the state and by vetoing State Children’s Health Care Insurance Program legislation

“It’s usually hard to make a connection between federal issues and state issues, but he’s made it easy for us,” said Angelo. “We have every right to hang it around their necks.” DSC reminds voters of Bush