Dual View on Dual Office Holding

Admittedly somepolitical choicescome down tothe lesser of two evils.

Take Tom Moran's columns on dual office holdingand his view of the "Bergen Reformers."

It's pretty clearTom opposes dual office holding.

Just last month, Moran penned a column chastising Codey and Roberts for failing to push back “when their fellow Democrats rejected a real ban on dual office-holding" (9/7/07).

A few days before that, Moran directed his criticism towards the Governor for bragging about the newly enacted bill banning dual office holding because “…the bosses got an amendment inserted that exempts all sitting legislators who are doing that now.”

Fast forward to last week.

In his column headlined "Bergen's merry band of reformers" (10/17/07), Moran takes onBergen County Democratic Chairman Joe Ferriero who charged that the Weinberg-Johnson-Huttle reform team were hypocrites. In part, Ferriero criticized Assemblyman Gordon Johnson because he is a dual office-holder.

Instead of acknowledging the legitimacy of his own argument, Moran called the charges a "stretch".On Gordon, Moran had this to say: "Johnson's second office is as a local councilman in Englewood, a thankless post that pays $5,000 a year with no pension."

Why did Johnson get a pass?

Dual View on Dual Office Holding