Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Spitzer, Raske

Healthcare Rally-NYC

Some police officers are upset at Michael Bloomberg’s comment about a rescue worker at Ground Zero not being “a hero.”

Bloomberg is backing away from the comment [added].

Ben reports that MoveOn.org, SEIU, and the super-rich George Soros may team up to “finance tens of millions of dollars of television advertisements.”

Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney are leaders in the early states.

In the comments section, Jim Kelly, who worked on the Republican campaign against Hillary, complains about the media coverage she is getting.

Technology at the DMV is working better than ever.

Rick Karlin notes an important change in Spitzer’s driver’s license plan: the DMV will identify people who are here on a visa.

On Staten Island, Dan Donovan responds to that attack ad from his opponent.

The Drum Major Institute has video of Joe Lentol discussing wrongful convictions.

Colleague Chris Shott notes that the Second Avenue deli is moving to Third Avenue.

Greg Sargent picks up on the good news for Mike Huckabee coming out of Iowa.

In New Jersey, Democrats are using the name "John Kerry" as an insult.

Here’s a clip of Barack Obama dancing.

And pictured above are George Gresham and Ken Raske leading a rally in Manhattan for universal healthcare coverage. Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Spitzer, Raske