Elsewhere: Clinton, Spitzer, Bloomberg

Hillary Clinton gets an influential endorsement.

Her campaign is putting distance between itself and an anti-gay minister.

Ben has more video from last night’s debate.

Tom Acitelli thinks the hand-wringing over the expected drop in Wall Street bonuses is a little silly.Michael Bloomberg is endorsing a Republican in Virginia for re-election.

Sara Kugler thinks Bloomberg could use Rudy Giuliani’s sales pitch on the campaign trail.

Rick Karlin has a round-up of the television appearances being made tonight by Joe Bruno and Eliot Spitzer.

James Tedisco will file a lawsuit to stop Sptizer’s driver’s license plan.

The editorial board of the Jewish Press wrote that “the governor’s vision lacks merit.”

Matt Schuerman writes about the media’s love of developer Larry Silverstein.

Meghan Goth sits through a congestion pricing hearing.

Evan Thies talks to Liz about running for City Council.

Henry Stern asks, “When will they ever learn?

Bernie Kerik is being sued by his lawyers.

“The question for Mukasey is not what he’ll do at Justice for the soon-to-be- departing Republican president, but what he’ll do for the putative next one, his lifelong friend Rudy Giuliani,” writes Wayne Barrett.

Congressional Quarterly has a new web site.

John Koblin writes about a new news service that will “do the reading for you.”

And pictured above are radio hosts Curtis and Kuby dressed as one another for Halloween.

Elsewhere: Clinton, Spitzer, Bloomberg